What is Inventory Replenishment?

It is the action of moving products from inventory storage to receiving ecommerce inventory from a supplier to stock the goods in a warehouse.

If the replenishment process is properly handled, there is sufficient inventory available to be picked and packed once each order pops up. As a main component of logistics operations, inventory replenishment has a massive impact on customer satisfaction.

Why our inventory replenishment important for ecommerce retailers?

Our replenishing inventory process is effective and it directly influences an online brand’s credibility to fulfil customer demand.

Lower shipping costs

Imagine that a consumer placed multiple orders with you at the same time. You would need to send a split shipment—sending different items from one order in separate packages, frequently from a different location or at a different time—to fulfil the customer's entire order if one item is out of stock at the nearest warehouse location to the customer but is available at a different location.

Multiple shipments of the same order's contents increase shipping costs, generate more packing waste, and may confuse customers. You can choose how much stock at the SKU level to keep in each warehouse site based on previous data by projecting demand.

Avoid Stock outs

If a merchandiser fails to refill inventory at the right time. They endanger themselves having stock outs that includes things being out of stock at the time of purchase.

There is also a lot of probability of Backorders occurring, which means an associate order includes a pre-determined date on once the item will be present to ship. Both backorders and stock outs can create a ruckus for your customers.

To prevent the best way to evade this common stock problems is to always have safety stock, an exponential number of emergency or back up inventory on hand.

Prevent overstocking

A careful and well-thought inventory replenishment process can also prevent overstocking on inventory that can become unsellable if it is on the shelf for a longer period, including cosmetic products or food and beverages that have an expiration date. Same as having big inventory, moreover overstocking can affect your bottom line

Replenishing stock rapidly or with no changes in customer demand or market trends can lead to dead stock which results increased carrying costs by having unsellable inventory sit on shelves for a lot of time.

To evade high warehousing logistics costs and overstocking, the economic order quantity (EOQ) formula is the best method to seek the optimal quantity of inventory available to fulfil order demand.

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  • What is Product Sourcing?

    The process of securing quality products to sell on Amazon.

  • Why Product Sourcing is necessary?

    If sourcing is done right, it can leverage your profit margins and allow you to sell your product at a competitive price to stand out the competition.

  • Does product sourcing impacts on the quality of product?

    Answer is YES, product sourcing allows you to choose the best manufacturer and best raw material that ultimately turns into a best quality product.

  • How can Emnate Media help you in sourcing the best product?

    We carefully choose the manufacturers, team on the ground tests the raw material and the quality of the product before full scale manufacturing and negotiate with the supplier for the best prices to make sure you have that extra margin to boost your bottom line.