What is EBC / A+ Content?

Enhanced Brand A+ Content gives a chance to sellers who are affiliated Amazon Brand Registry to enhance their product descriptions with several text placements and images. A+ content let sellers tell customers, what their brand has to offer, in the form of brand story.

Enhanced brand content / A+ Content is a Game Changer For Your Brand

Enhanced brand content also known as A+ Content by the ecommerce market has proved its worth in helping brands standout form their competition. With increased conversion rates and potential customer traffic.

  • With attractive and professionally designed content, you can boost your listing big times.

  • Once your A+ content is added your traffic will sky rocket, through the keywords integrated in the text and alt text at the back of each photo.

  • We publish your A+ content at the ASINs of your choosing.

Our Enhanced Brand A+ Content Service Offers:

  • EBC Design Using Custom Templates

  • Image Editing

  • Alt Text Search Terms (highly technical)

  • Copywriting

  • EBC Publishing on Seller Central

  • Keyword Research

Enhanced Brand Content

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content

A well-crafted A+ content can give your brand considerable customer engagement influx that leads to higher conversion rates. Moreover A+ content gives you an opportunity to skyrocket search rankings by integrating image keywords and relevant copy.

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  • What is Product Sourcing?

    The process of securing quality products to sell on Amazon.

  • Why Product Sourcing is necessary?

    If sourcing is done right, it can leverage your profit margins and allow you to sell your product at a competitive price to stand out the competition.

  • Does product sourcing impacts on the quality of product?

    Answer is YES, product sourcing allows you to choose the best manufacturer and best raw material that ultimately turns into a best quality product.

  • How can Emnate Media help you in sourcing the best product?

    We carefully choose the manufacturers, team on the ground tests the raw material and the quality of the product before full scale manufacturing and negotiate with the supplier for the best prices to make sure you have that extra margin to boost your bottom line.